Big Bucks money game
for entrepreneurs who want greater control over their business money

If you ‘suck at bookkeeping’ but you really want to ensure that your business is profitable, then this is the game for you

Playing Big Bucks in Diepsloot
Big Bucks game board
Big Bucks game board

The Big Bucks business simulation game helps entrepreneurs to master their business finances

This game was developed to help small business owners with limited or no accounting knowledge to learn basic bookkeeping principles and terminology to understand and manage their own business finances better

How to play

Four ‘businesses’ with two ‘partners’ each throw the die to move tokens around the days of a month. They carry-out instructions on the dates where their tokens land and respond to real-world challenges on game cards
The game simulates players’ own business transactions, while introducing them to essential accounting jargon and formulae, so that they build confidence that they can manage their business money profitably
The game should be facilitated by a person who is knowledgeable in accounting and who explains the financial and accounting concepts in every-day language
As they move from day to day, transactions between the businesses, their customers and suppliers are recorded and totalled up each ‘month’. After two hours, the players produce basic financial statements. The most profitable business wins


Big Bucks (Level 2) empowers entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses to get their ventures funding-ready for investors and entities who have an interest in their businesses’ growth

Big Bucks game pricing

The standard price for the full Big Bucks game set is R 3,600.
Non-profits get two games for the price of one.

We have arrangements for:
• ESD programme providers
• Incubators and accelerators
• Small business associations
• Professional service firms
• Management consultants
• Accountants and bookkeepers
• Schools, universities, TVET colleges

We can offer you structured agreements:
• Outright purchase
• Monthly rental
• Occasional events
• Facilitated games
• Online support

We will be happy to structure an plan that suits your needs

It typically costs less than R 200 for a person to learn essential bookkeeping concepts by playing Big Bucks


Games are most effective when facilitated by people who are knowledgeable in accounting. We can help you with that


Incubators, ESD providers, small business organisations, schools, colleges and universities use the game to teach people the basics of business money management