Imagine if every SMME in South Africa knew how to make a profit, and did so!
Big Bucks business simulator game can help to make that goal a reality

Entrepreneurs can have fun while mastering their business finances, profitably

This game was developed to help small business owners with limited or no accounting knowledge to gain sufficient bookkeeping knowledge to understand and manage their own business finances better

How to play

• Four ‘businesses’ with two ‘partners’ each throw the die to move tokens around the days of a month. They carry out instructions on the dates where their tokens land and respond to real-world challenges on game cards
• The game simulates players’ own business transactions, while introducing them to essential accounting jargon and formulae, so that they build confidence that they can manage their business money profitably
• The game should be facilitated by a person who is knowledgeable in accounting and who explains the financial and accounting concepts in every-day language
• As they move from day to day, transactions between the businesses, their customers and suppliers are recorded and totalled up each ‘month’. After two hours, the players produce basic financial statements. The most profitable business wins


How to Play (hard-copy rules)
How to Play (PowerPoint rules)
Money Record
Jargon sheet
Transaction model answers

Some Big Bucks users:

Big Bucks banner
Playing Big Bucks at The Coloured Cube
Playing Big Bucks at J&B Hive

“The Big Bucks simulation game is very interesting.
It simplifies business. It educates and it is fun to play. It is also very easy to understand.
I recommend it highly.”

– Nomvuyo Bengane, BizOil Institute

Big Bucks: Finance pricing

Standard edition – R 3,600
• Two hour in-game facilitation training,
• One complete game set
(Additional game set for non-profits).

Premium edition – R 18,000
• Facilitator certification workshop for 4 people, including:
– Two days facilitation training
– small business financial management strategy,
– relevant accounting terminology and ratios,
– mapping to GrowthWheel® focus areas,
– Online bookkeeping application on-boarding,
– Four complete game sets.

We have arrangements for:
• ESD programme providers
• Incubators and accelerators
• Small business associations
• Professional service firms
• Management consultants
• Accountants and bookkeepers
• Schools, universities, TVET colleges

We can offer you structured agreements:
• Outright purchase
• Monthly rental
• Occasional events
• Facilitated games
• Online support

Games are most effective when facilitated by people who are knowledgeable in accounting. We can help you with that

Incubators, ESD providers, small business organisations, schools, colleges and universities use the game to teach people the basics of business money management

“the game added value to our students’ basic accounting understanding – even if it only introduced them to some basic and common financial terminology.
During the game, the groups were asked to argue on the pros and cons of certain financial scenarios and these arguments supported understanding and it motivated and encouraged the significance of sound financial innovation ”

– Curriculum Manager, TSIBA ED