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Do you want: • more customers through better marketing • more income from more sales • more cash in the bank, and in your pocket • better profits by paying less tax • reduced costs by streamlining your processes • no insurance or tax surprises • less time wasted complying with legal stuff • more productive staff • getting my customers to pay on time • more profitable costing and pricing • technology that makes things easier …

Let us help you to make your business more successful by putting you in control of your whole business.
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Business Advice

Business support including:

  • how and where to get finance,
  • budgeting and cash flow,
  • getting and keeping customers,
  • business plans and models,
  • making tech work for you,
  • managing staff and salaries,
  • costing and debt collection,
  • dealing with red tape and risks,
  • strategies, systems and processes,
  • project planning and implementation,
  • and a lot more.
Mentorship and Training

Mentorship: Guidance to help you implement your plans and make your business more successful
Training: for Short, intensive, inexpensive COURSES and WORKSHOPS focused on the specific needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs like you, click the button below

Practical guidance

Practical guidance for small business owners including:

  • finding customers and making sales,
  • getting finance,
  • keeping the cash flowing,
  • advice about computers (apps, getting connected…),
  • HR, legislation, tax…
Advisory services

An advisory service to help you to find better ways of doing business, exploring opportunities and exploiting challenges

Additional services
  • Talks at conferences and seminars;
  • Business development workshops;
  • Lectures and training courses on entrepreneurship and starting and running a small business;
  • Pro bono services through NGOs for emerging entrepreneurs;
  • Free use of the support and advice articles on how to start and grow a small business at DoBetter.Business