Rates / Fees

  • The fee for the first consultation is R 600. Thereafter, we charge R 900 per hour;
  • Business services: R 900 per hour;
  • Implementation workshops: R 900 per hour;
  • Mentoring: R 900 per hour;
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops: R 6,000 per presentation;
  • Lecture fees are negotiated;
  • NGOs for early stage entrepreneurs: We agree on a fee;
  • Use of Do Better Business articles is covered by a Creative Commons (CC) licence and is free as long as you attribute it with a link to Do Better Business and adhere to the CC policies. If you amend the content of our article, please indicate what you have modified.

2024 Fees, no VAT charged, terms 15 days, payment by EFT

Within 20km of Rosebank, Johannesburg, or on the phone, or via Zoom: as above.
Further than 20km from Rosebank: we agree on a fee.
‘Out of town’: add economy class airfare, BnB and transport.

Please complete this Business Requirements form to help us to help you.

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