Be prepared for the unexpected

The Stupidest Mistake I have ever Made

AND THERE WAS NO excuse for it.  I knew what was happening, but I put my business at risk, and I put my family at risk.  It had nothing to do with taking entrepreneurial chances; it was just reckless thoughtlessness.  It went against all the sensible advice that I give to my small enterprise clients. …

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The unexpected

Could this be your story? Thu 13:00            Routine check-up with GP.  Suspected angina.  Cardiologist to investigate Fri 10:30              Cardiologist appointment.  Treadmill, ECG, bloods.  Schedule angiogram Mon 08:30           First business meeting of the year.  Presentation to prospective new client Tue 14:00             Angiogram with possible stenting. …

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