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SA Entrepreneurs are Naïve, Lazy and Self-Centred

SA Entrepreneurs are Naïve, Lazy and Self-Centred

What a revelation. Delegates and government officials at the 2018 Southern Africa Business Incubation Conference (SABIC) quibbled over whether our incubators and their skills transfer processes positively impacted our ecosystem sufficiently well enough to get them out of the starting blocks. By contrast, in advanced economies like Sweden’s, where there are over 120 incubators, their …

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It’s not your Fault that you Failed

What a revelation.  After all these years – no – decades; I had thought: maybe I’m stupid.  At school, they told me I was lazy, so I compensated by working like a demon.  That didn’t help enough, so maybe I really wasn’t all that bright; maybe that’s why I battled to succeed. To confuse me …

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Heart attack bypass surgery

The Stupidest Mistake I have ever Made

AND THERE WAS NO excuse for it.  I knew what was happening, but I put my business at risk, and I put my family at risk.  It had nothing to do with taking entrepreneurial chances; it was just reckless thoughtlessness.  It went against all the sensible advice that I give to my small enterprise clients. …

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I’ve Seen the Future …

REMEMBER THE STORY about the ships that arrived in the new world, but the locals could not see them because ships were a phenomenon totally unknown to their minds? Sometimes we just can’t accept unbelievable news.  People are known to have denied having been given a cancer diagnosis because their minds couldn’t accept it. Entrepreneurs playing VantagePoint …

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Privilege and entrepreneurial success

One of the first words that toddlers hear is: “NO!” As we grow, so we learn to recognize what our parents want us to do and not do. We learn our place in the family and in society by absorbing our family’s attitudes, values and behaviours, by osmosis. Our grandparents introduce us to our heritage …

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No! You don’t have to fail

It is fashionable these days to glamourise entrepreneurial failure.  Indeed, you’re considered a failure if you haven’t failed yet. But any small business owner who has survived the devastation of business collapse and who has dragged themselves out of the financial quagmire, knows full well how dreadful this is.  To motivate yourself to get up …

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