The F-words your business needs most

In the 2014 SME Survey, South African entrepreneurs said that the thing that kept most of them awake at night was managing finances.  CNBC Africa reported that a major challenge experienced by small businesses was difficulty in accessing funding.  Neither of these are the F-words that I am referring to here.  They can frequently be […]

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1,000 sales killed each day

At a recent National Small Business Chamber Sales Indaba, business guru, Gavin Sharples asked the delegates: “Who of you are salesmen?” Only about a quarter put up their hands. “If you run a small business, you have to be a salesman. Your product or service won’t sell unless you sell it.” Your product or service won’t

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She sells seashells . . .

Selling is not like riding a bicycle. It does not just come naturally. If it was that easy, everybody would be in sales and everyone would be rich. It’s a numbers game There are some important things that you should know about sales and selling to be successful: Sales is a ‘numbers game’, the more customers you have,

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. . . by the seashore

Getting them to buy from you After investing so much effort, time and money to build up a quality leads list, you can’t afford to lose those valuable possible sales.  Each lead is precious because each one is a potential sale. But how do you convert your leads into sales?

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