Big Bucks money game
for entrepreneurs who want control over their business money

If you ‘suck at bookkeeping’ but you really want to know how profitable your business is, then this is the game for you

Playing Big Bucks in Diepsloot
Big Bucks game board

Big Bucks is a small business simulation game

It is intended to help SMMEs who don’t know bookkeeping to manage and understand their own business finances

Incubators, ESD providers, small business organisations and education bodies use the game to teach people the basics of money management

Three or four ‘businesses’ with two ‘partners’ each can play at a time

The game is facilitated by a person who is knowledgeable in accounting and who explains financial and accounting concepts in every-day language

The businesses buy from suppliers (rather than creditors) and sell to customers (instead of debtors)
The business partners record their purchases and sales so that they know how much they owe and are owed

Real world challenges and rewards are encountered through Decision, Dilemma, Surprise and Damage cards. Players also discover what the bookkeeping terminology means from Jargon cards

The winner is the business that ends the game with the most money

Now that’s a fun way to learn to be profitable

Big Bucks game pricing

We do have standard pricing plans but would prefer to structure an agreement that suits your needs

We have arrangements for:
• ESD programme providers
• Incubators and accelerators
• Small business associations
• Professional service firms
• Management consultants
• Accountants and bookkeepers
• Schools, universities, TVET colleges

We can offer you structured agreements:
• Outright purchase
• Monthly rental
• Occasional events
• Facilitated games
• Online support

It typically costs less than R 200 for a person to learn essential bookkeeping concepts by playing Big Bucks

Games are most effective when facilitated by people who are members of, or affiliated to, a CIMA, IAC, SAICA, SAIPA, ACCA, AATSA or similar, or who are accountancy subject matter experts. We can help you with that