Our clients

Apart from those below, our clients include: Business Partners, Growing Hands, The Hope Factory, ORT-Jet, SME South Africa, and a number of individual entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you would like to be a Do Better Business client, contact us today

Erica Lüttich

Creative Director at Boitumelo Project

Throughout this journey Rick kept me on the straight and narrow to not ... accept every issues as mine to solve or rescue, but that my function is to provide the space for the individual to accept responsibility and implications for own decisions. So the last 8 months has been so much about re-learning and using the tough love rules ... Rick guided this journey without me even realising that this was the journey, and his expert knowledge in so many fields offered me so many options, a new pair of binoculars as well as a shifted energy. Thank you so much, really appreciate your valuable time and determination to not give up.

Sharon Manzini-Jamela

Rockseries Educational Programs

I just wanted to say thank you for all the tips and advice on your website. I am an entrepreneur struggling at the moment to penetrate the market and be self sustaining but the article about getting a mentor if your business is struggling by Rick Ed really motivated and gave me hope to keep pushing.