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It’s not your Fault that you Failed

What a revelation.  After all these years – no – decades; I had thought: maybe I’m stupid.  At school, they told me I was lazy, so I compensated by working like a demon.  That didn’t help enough, so maybe I really wasn’t all that bright; maybe that’s why I battled to succeed. To confuse me …

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Heart attack bypass surgery

The Stupidest Mistake I have ever Made

AND THERE WAS NO excuse for it.  I knew what was happening, but I put my business at risk, and I put my family at risk.  It had nothing to do with taking entrepreneurial chances; it was just reckless thoughtlessness.  It went against all the sensible advice that I give to my small enterprise clients. …

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The unexpected

Could this be your story? Thu 13:00            Routine check-up with GP.  Suspected angina.  Cardiologist to investigate Fri 10:30              Cardiologist appointment.  Treadmill, ECG, bloods.  Schedule angiogram Mon 08:30           First business meeting of the year.  Presentation to prospective new client Tue 14:00             Angiogram with possible stenting. …

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Confessions of an ADHD entrepreneur

Do any of these characteristics look like you? You can get distracted or daydream, but sometimes you concentrate on a job for hours on end, You manage do several tasks at the same time, but sometimes you neglect an important task, You get on well with people and they like you, but you prefer to …

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